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  Working With Canon,
Things Work Better.

The Reason Is Simple.
When others can’t, Canon can.
We’ve built our reputation on
making the difficult, easier. Our
independent, family-owned
company specializes in
arranging insurance for your
clients in those lines of business
that can be tough to write. For
over half a century our family
has focused on delivering critical
coverages, adding value through
exclusive in-house facilities.
That’s Can Do, Canon Style.


Builder’s Risk
•  Exclusive Binding Program-Limits to $17,000,000
•  Using ALS 72 – one of the broadest coverage forms available
•  Underwriting both Commercial & Residential COC
•  In-house facility for Owners Protective Liability
•  Special Application Supplement

High Value & High Profile Homes
•  Covering High Value Homes, Even In Brush Areas
•  Capacity Of $16,000,000 In-House
•  Fine Arts Collections–Private/Corporate/Museum
Specializing in Collections of up to $400,000,000
•  Competitive COC & Renovation Program for Dwellings
•  Access to Major Earthquake Markets

Earthquake Coverage
•  Exclusive In-House Binding Authority
•  Up to $11,000,000 Primary Or Excess Basis
•  Both Residential and Commercial
•  Carrier Rated A+ XV by A.M. Best
•  No Geographic Restrictions
•  Builders Risk Also Covered
•  Special Application Supplement

Vacant and Older Properties
•  In-House Capacity $15,000,000
•  No Limitations on Subsidized Housing
•  Commercial or Residential Structures
•  Aggressive Credits For High Deductibles
•  Exclusive COC Program – High Capacity
•  All Markets Rated A or Better By A.M. Best
•  Special Application Supplement

Unusual Risks
•  Antique Dealers to Window Cleaners
•  Landscapers to Tree Trimmers
•  Neighborhood Restaurants & Taverns
•  Multiple Markets Rated A or Better by A.M. Best
•  High Risk, Low Prices: Unusual!

Stock Inventory Throughput
•  Worldwide Inventory Coverage, Limits up to US $40,000,000
•  Selling Price Valuation as Required
•  Flood, Earthquake and Windstorm Included to Full Limits
(Tier 1 Exposures may be aggregated annually)
•  Special Application Supplement




























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