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Canon Insurance Service

8383 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 341
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
TEL 310-859-8600
FAX 310-278-3617


Andrew Rosenfeld, The Boss
His grandfather founded Canon Insurance. His father, Bill, crafted it into the specialty lines brokerage it is today. A member of AAMGA, NAPSLO, IBA West and CIWA, Andrew literally grew up learning the canons of good business. Three generations later, business matters continue to be family matters at Canon. Which translates into an unusual degree of attention to client satisfaction.

Michelle Tobar, Our Commercial Right Hand
(Commercial Lines Manager)

A Canon mainstay since 1998, Michelle is our lead Commercial underwriter, managing our Commercial Lines business. She's risen through the ranks, and distinguishes herself with her in-depth knowledge of each of Canon's programs. Her expertise is also evident in the area of Public Health with an emphasis in community and environmental issues.

Candice Brown, Claims & More
(Personal Lines Manager & Claims Manager)

Candice is our point person for managing the claims that come through our office. She also manages our Personal Lines department and works on special projects with Andrew Rosenfeld (aka The Boss). Any interaction with her quickly demonstrates that she's another fine asset to this company and its clients.

Jo Rodrigs, The Money Manager
(Accounting Manager)

A consummate professional, Jo's been in charge of our Accounting Department since 1993. Inasmuch as the job demands high integrity, it speaks volumes that, prior to Canon, she'd been the Accounting Manager for Girl Scouts of America. (Honest.)

Kevin Keung, The Details Guy
(Technical Manager)

With Canon since 2003, Kevin manages all the technical functions for our company. He's in charge of rating, policy issuing, and statistical bordereau reporting. He's gifted with a great attention to detail. A perfect fit for the job.


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8383 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 341 • Beverly Hills, CA 90211 • Tel: 310-859-8600 • Fax: 310-278-3617