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Builders Risk Insurance
Risk-Free as Can Be

Builders Risk Insurance from Canon is a total package of Bests. We provide the best form, the best limits and the best price. This is our intention - and what we've delivered to thousands of brokers throughout our 45 years of writing these policies. We quote and write Course of Construction based on - and broadening - the original London All Risk Form ALS72. What's the difference to you? When it comes to builders risk insurance, you can't do better than Canon Can Do!


Take a hard look at Soft Costs as well. As specialists in builder's risk insurance - we ourselves certainly have. You will want to make sure that any policy quote you get provides a proper definition of Soft Costs - which, unlike other companies, we clarify with you upfront. This is critical when the rubber meets the road - or the wood meets the wrong specifications. Among other criteria, we provide Sublimits which are part of the TIV or Additional Limits - also a very handy benefit in this specialty category.

We can't emphasize enough why Soft Costs are critical to builders risk coverage. This has historically been an ill-defined or ambiguous area; but it's an area where you'll find it pays to be more knowledgeable. To the extent that a Soft Cost Endorsement (or Coverage Extension) is written to address or delete specific policy form exclusions, the intent of the endorsement is clear enough. However, as is often the case, many of the issues addressed by Soft Cost Endorsements might actually be limiting coverage rather than enhancing it. The most problematic issue in defining "Soft Costs" in a builders risk policy is what is left out of the definition rather than what is included.

When it comes to the definition of Covered Property in Course of Construction, Chubb defines "Contract Works." Other Domestic Carriers try to define which specific property is covered. The policy form we on which we base our quote - and which we employ on your behalf - is ALS72. Why? Because it provides the broadest definition of covered property. This specialty coverage is one in which we've demonstrated our signature Canon Can-Do for almost five decades. We know it inside-out; and top-to-bottom. We never rest on laurels. Instead, we continuously research and stay on top of any developments, any advances, and what will serve you best. Our own focus is to write coverage for you, so that it is as close to risk-free as insurance can get.

Construction Sites can be accidents waiting to happen. Contractors, workers, scaffolding, beams, trucks, cranes - you can well imagine the practically infinite number of variables that can create negative situations. A builder is in the wrong place at the wrong time. A truck moves too close to a ditch. A foreman can't move fast enough to avert a falling piece of metal. Hard hats are the perfect symbol for safety. They are not enough. And so the critical need for Builders Risk insurance: to protect, to be there should it be needed; to give you and your clients the assurance that you have the coverage you need.

Canon Insurance Provides the Coverage You Need

  The Builders Risk Insurance Experts
  Over 30 Years Experience Writing Course of Construction Policies
  The Broadest Builders Risk Coverage Available
  Broadens the Original and Most Comprehensive All Risk COC Form ALS72 for the protection you and your clients need.

For Brokers Only
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As an Underwriting Manager, Canon can provide quotes to brokers only. As a courtesy, we will be glad to call your broker and give them the quote on your behalf. Our focus is writing business in California, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico.

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