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When others can’t, Canon can. We’ve built our reputation on making the difficult, easier. Our independent, family-owned company specializes in arranging insurance for your clients in those lines of business that can be tough to write. For over half a century, our family has focused on delivering critical coverages, adding value through exclusive in-house facilities. That’s Can Do, Canon Style.


Inventory Stock Throughput Coverage - click for application

Coverage Highlights
•  Inventory Coverage for goods worldwide in transit, in storage or at third party subcontractors
•  Limits of up to US$40,000,000 any one location or transit. Excess stock limits available
•  Selling price valuation (sold or unsold) available as required
•  Flood, Earthquake and Windstorm are all included within our policy form to full limits. Noted Exceptions: California Earthquake may be sub limited and aggregated annually and Southeast & Gulf State Windstorm may be aggregated annually
•  No excluded countries
•  No requirement for any "overseas" exposure
•  First loss policies will be considered if required
•  100% Lloyd's security

Additional Optional Coverages
•  Can include exhibitions and salesman's samples
•  Can include furniture, fixtures, fittings, improvements and betterments, interior glass, machinery, equipment, EDP equipment and media up to a limit of US$1,000,000 any one location.
•  Can include retail outlets and showrooms up to a limit of US$1,000,000 any one location.
•  Can include Business Interruption in respect of stock up to a limit of USD$1,000,000.

Sample Accounts Bound
Garments, Toys, Fruit Juices, Exotic Novelty Items, Musical Instruments, Automobile Accessories and Spare Parts, Health and Beauty Products, Pharmaceuticals, Antique Furniture Dealer, Scooters, Alcohol Importers & Distributors, Gun Dealer.

Application Forms - click for application
In order to provide a quotation, Underwriters usually require details of maximum & average stock exposures at insured locations, & details of all transit exposures (contingent and direct). Any suitable application form is acceptable provided we have all the information underwriters require.

Applications may be sent to or faxed to 1-310-278-3617.




























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