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When others can’t, Canon can. We’ve built our reputation on making the difficult, easier. Our independent, family-owned company specializes in arranging insurance for your clients in those lines of business that can be tough to write. For over half a century, our family has focused on delivering critical coverages, adding value through exclusive in-house facilities. That’s Can Do, Canon Style.


Elite Art Collection - Elite Coverage Protection
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Fine Art - Dictionary Definition
- noun

A visual art considered to have been created primarily for aesthetic purposes and judged for its beauty and meaningfulness, specifically, painting, sculpture, drawing, watercolor, graphics, and architecture.
Origin: 1760–70

Fine Art – Creative Coverage Solutions
This insurance provides coverage for any fine arts or collectibles including paintings, sculptures, antiquarian books, manuscripts, photographic collections, rare wine collections, certain jewelry, classic cars, coins and stamps. Canon's Fine Arts Contract is primarily aimed at museums, universities, libraries, galleries, art dealers, auction houses, corporate and private collectors for their permanent collections and travelling exhibitions.
•  Insurance against 'all risks of physical loss or damage.'
•  Program Capacity to $300MM - Additional Market Capacity as needed.
•  Earthquake Coverage – Substantial Capacity Available.
•  Minimal Policy Form Exclusions.
•  Reimbursement for costs of restoration and the resulting depreciation.
•  Coverage can be extended to every situation such as transits, incidental storage, packing, unpacking and whilst on exhibition.

Click here for a Private Collection application
Click here for a non-Private Collection application

Along with an application, the following basic underwriting information is required:
Values at risk, most valuable items
Nature of the collection
Basis of valuation
Physical security, fire protection and details of insured locations
Transit and exhibition exposures - frequency and values
Loss history.

Applications may be sent to or faxed to 1-310-278-3617.




























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